Lack of successful and widespread agriculture in the continent is unfortunately seen as a failure to provide enough food for the general populace.

Research continues to prove that Africa is one of the continents worst affected by the climate change which is amongst the main challenges in agriculture. Its ever changing economic and political landscapes continue to further complicate the situation. As a result, the uneven distribution of available production may have severe consequences on food security that at some stage nations may be entirely compelled to depend on food imports for its survival.

For this and many other reasons, there has to be a global push for more comprehensive solutions to deal with the modern pressures compounding the situation.

The strategic restructuring of Africa – agriculture and agri-business; can effectively deploy DT to unlock efficiencies and promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and increasing use of PPPs, leading to diversification and growth.

AAMETEX is a public – private dialogue (PPD) platform designed to congregate the leading stakeholders on investment, diversification and competitiveness in Africa; especially decision-makers, private sector actors, professionals and the academia to discuss and recommend relevant policy options and reforms for the sector. They will also examine investment opportunities and strategies, negotiate deals and do business!

Our mission at AAMETEX Expo 2022 is to place the Africa nations and other continents in their grip of Investment and technological revolutions in the Agricultural sector, very vast and rapid, in quantum more than what has happened in African history.

The Expo are planned using the following methodologies 

1) Agric machines and technology exhibition 

2) Business match making

3) Investment forum

4) Agro machines aided Enterprises seminars

5) Countries Experience sharing 

This unique Methodology would  drive this Expo the right avenue for Agric machines manufacturers, dealers and fabricators, farmers, plantation owners, financial institutions, researchers,, traders, Academic and Agric machines service providers, to converge for Business  deals, forge business  alliances, showcase products and technological innovations.

This would hopefully create job opportunities, expand existing farm/Agric enterprises, create new farm Enterprises, establish, trade partnership and build capacities for sustainable growth and development in Africa’s agricultural sector. 

On behalf of the Honorable Minister for Agricultural and Rural Development, His Excellency Alhaji Muhammad Sabo Nanomo the local organizing committee is pleased to welcome you to AAMETEX 2022.

We wish you a successful AAMETEX 2022 and a comfortable stay in the beautiful city of Abuja.


Prince Agboola Gbenga

Event Director

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