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The sovereignty, stability and security of Africa countries, depends largely on her seamless ability to get her every increasing citizenry population and to get a chunk of the western world dominated global food export trade.

This envisioned level of production in Africa agriculture sector, no doubt  depends  on the industrializing the scale of Agricultural production  systems and this in turn depends on cost effective  application  of technological innovation in machines  and materials, usage of creative  and sustainable ideas and the long-term inputs of world class investors, venture capitalist, researchers and agric institutions products. Also Africa’s government  needs to apply relevant policies and mechanisms to the agric sector to improve productivity, enhance  the quality of agric product’s, attracts young passionate hands to the sector, open more for cultivation, being more land under Irrigation  and take  over a sizeable  chunk of world food trade and export.


Africa Agric – Machines Equipment and Technology Expo is conceived and engineered to address problems militating against Africa’s food production at industrial  level. 

AAMETEX, is a comprehensive, agro machines event, showcasing Business/investment exposition and networking. A platform envisions for catalyzing  new businesses between stakeholders and investors, researchers, policymakers, Government representatives, financial institutions, venture capitalist, Agro industrial managers, farmers, Agric product’s  industrial end user who are actively engaged in the Agric business, to boost development together, provide job opportunities to different scales of agric practitioners. It would also proffer solution to existing agric field problems, conveyance problems and processing bottlenecks in Africa’s Agric sector, new Agro businesses, establishment of new trade partners, and building of capacities, for a sustainable food security systems and agribusiness development.

Who Will Participate and Why:

Government Reps / Policy makers on Commerce, Agriculture, Agencies/NGOs

Discuss issues relating to tooling of farmers with latest agric machines, its implications, sustainability, affordability, and domestication of their chain of supplies. Conserving hard cash in Agric tech supplies. 

Agric Machines and Technologies Dealers Manufacturers

  • Discussing domestication of tech and Agric machines manufacturer in Africa countries of demand.
  • Policies militating. against availability of cheap and sustainable agrotech in African countries 

Venture Capitalist/Investors/Financial Institutions

  • Network with potential  trade partners and investors to manage investment 
  • Identify  global Investment opportunities  and risks
  • One on one discussions with experts  on agric engineering  and debate on commercial issues. 

Professional and Agro Machines, And Tech Innovations Providers Will;

  • Hear from world leading experts and academic on technology and farm machinery’s application and present success models master’s plans with case studies looking at technical financial, logistical and marketing models.
  • Networking with investors, venture capitalist and government, seeking to develop and invest in new agric projects.

Experts, Academic dons, students will:

  • Learn about the latest development and innovation in agric innovations, machines and technology.
  • Meet face to face with others expert in the fields

Media Representatives, editors, reporters, will 

  • Facilitates the events coverage,
  • Report latest official statement on expo by visionary leader, industry experts,
  • Gain exclusives assess to global and latest analysis that create international business news headlines on agric tech, machines, innovations, applications success and economic growths.

Who Will Exhibit:

  • Machines and workshop equipment vendors.
  • Engineering Technology and innovation manufacturing company
  • Information and communication technology applications for agric
  • Commerce franchising
  • Vehicles and equipment trade
  • Agric research institute
  • Energy and environmental technology
  • Power for agricultural and rural enterprise and concern.
  • Food trade and technologies
  • Safety and health protection
  • Veterinary health institutions
  • Investors
  • Venture capitalist
  • Farmers trade associations, and professionals bodies
  • Culture and tourism practitioners
  • Government heads of its agric in Nigeria, Africa and world at large.
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