Great achievements are accompanied by great results and rewards. Though it takes different forms, these are to highlight and celebrate institutions, corporate bodies and individuals who have excellently excel in their chosen fields of assignment and carriers in creating something new.

At AAMETEX Awards, we match passion and dedications by honoring distinguish successful people, corporate organization who believes that accomplishments deserve something more than a pat on the back.

                                             “WE REDEFINE RECOGNITION”


  • Awards for best Development Partners
  • Awards for Best Governor in Agriculture
  • Awards for local research institutes
  • Awards for Best Farmers
  • Awards for International research Institutes
  • Awards for best Agriculture producing States
  • Awards for Innovation and Technology Advancement
  • Awards for best Funding Financial Institutions in Agriculture
  • Awards for best Agriculture Bank
  • Awards for Agriculture Ambassadors
  • Awards for best Africa Producing nations
  • Awards for best Exhibitors
  • Awards for best supporting institution to Agric. etc

Awards Nomination

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Nomination closes on 20/7/2021 by 12noon.

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